• We Make Movies
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    We Make Movies

    1 video  |  Rent $2.99  |  Buy $4.99

    A hilarious and heartfelt look "behind the scenes" as a group of college kids spend their summer making a movie for their town's Film Festival. Cameras chronicle the tumultuous ups and downs as an egotistical student Director rounds up his friends (and some bystanders) to help make his masterpiec...

  • We Make Movies - Deluxe Edition

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    With the "We Make Movies" Deluxe Edition, you'll not only get a digital copy of the film to enjoy whenever and wherever you want, but you'll ALSO receive:

    • HD copy of extended "We Make Movies" Blooper Reel
    • HD copy of "Deleted Interview Scenes"
    • HD copy of our short film, "Out of the Blue...